We tried to run today.

August 10, 2013.

Planning to run from the first wind turbine until the 20th. We started from the Pagudpud town proper and ran to Bangui town. In one of the barangays in Bangui, a local pointed us to a small road leading to the beach where the wind turbines were.

10km down, first wind turbine down, Paolo down, Jean down. We ran out of water, no stores in sight. The heat was cruel. The sand and the beach pebbles made it harder to run.

There were grasses and vines on one side, beach pebbles and the sea on the other side. In between is a wide stretch of gray sand, and wind turbines around 200 meters apart. The shadow of the wind turbines is a big relief from the heat. You could also try swimming on the sea if you want to be refreshed. The water was clear and clean, you could see the pebbles beneath it. Walking on the pebbled part, you could feel the cold wind from the sea on your one arm, and hot wind from the sand on the other arm.

Eat we must, drink we must. After some rest and moments of marvelling at the gigantic structures, we headed back to civilization. So long wind turbines! :D

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