On Start-Up Take A Pitch


We attended this event for start-ups and again, these are the things I’m reminded about.

  • The business hype today are mainly on technology and innovations: ICT, web apps, software products. I am in this space, and many are doing it, which means you have so many people to learn from.
  • If you’re crazy enough to develop an awesome product, web app or anything, you have a chance to make it big. ‘Crazy’, this is crazy as the programmers and geeks mean it.
  • There are many people doing it, teams, individuals, and they start small, innovate, learn, progress. Everything should start from something. Eventually, you’ll find direction, grow your product, test the waters, etc. You just have to start the ball rolling.
  • Just do ‘Programming, Motherfucker’..:D   

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