On Gaining Interest

“Nothing is inherently interesting until you gain some information which you can engage with, focus on, concentrate on and even enjoy.”

from The Art of Concentration by Harriet Griffey

Things can start with ‘I can’t do it, yet’. Then you patiently, sometimes frustratingly, try to learn how to do it. After some time, you learn just enough and get the hang of it. Eventually, you become so interested and you actually enjoy doing it to the point of hating it when the day has to end and you have to go to sleep, or you just can’t wait for the day to start so you could get back doing it. Then you just want to explore more about it.

The time from ‘I cant do it yet’ until the time ‘you actually enjoy doing it’ is where all of the demons lie. But you only have to pass that way once, for every things you want to learn. Just smile your way through it – my personal preference of dealing with demons.;) 

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