Extra life…:D

Roughly 2 months had passed when a friend and I had a conversation during one tama moment. We talked about work and life outside work, and whether we had something we are passionate about. Most of our officemates were into biking, one is into photography, another is into wedding planning. We wanted to have one too, some break and diversion would be good to break the monotony of working.

I wanted it to be a sport, I’ve been reading lots of lots of articles telling me sitting would kill me, so engaging in some sort of exercise would do me some good. Badminton is good, but I’ve stopped playing for some time because its a bit expensive to play this sport considering the court rent I had to pay every time I wanted to play.

I’ve been running since college, but its the tapol kind of run, once a week or twice, and only during stressed times like exam periods. When I started working, I became more serious about it, running at least 3 times a week, but not as serious to the extent of doing long runs or joining marathons. Lately, I’ve been meeting people who are into running and they introduced me to a community of runners. I never knew there could be such interest in running. Two officemate run marathons and even ultra-marathons. The runners community, they call themselves Ungo runners, would run around 5km every Friday night, organize activities and weekend long runs and some trainings, share knowledge regarding running, plan and join marathons. I’ve been joining their Friday night runs, and the experience is actually fun. You see them enjoy running, laughing and sharing and teasing and just enjoying the activity. The after-run feeling is also nice, I guess its the same for all sports, sometimes you get exhausted physically but still it feels good. You’re tired and all but you get healthier. And you don’t get poor afterwards.:)

Another great thing about running, you get to visit places! Waking up early, running to places I’ve never been to, having the chance to appreciate small things you get to see on your way, like that cute little house on my first LSD to Busay, arriving at the destination just being thankful that I would’nt have to run many last 1 kms, bumping into runners along the way, bumping into officemate/bikers, etc. Also its cheap, you only need water, and you can have refills along the way, and to get you going, you can grab bananas in the carenderias along the corner.

Somehow I also feel independent. We have different pacing while running, and sometimes I get left behind. Its fine as long as I know the route, and one good thing about it is that I dont get pressured keeping up, I get to follow my own pace. Another thing, you alone can battle your own demons, no matter how much they fool you into thinking the destination is just a few blocks away. You have to convince yourself you just have to do it.

Its also a nice thing that the office is supporting health-related activities. You get the encouragement and the atmosphere you need to get serious about any physical activities you choose.

So after 2 months :

  • did 3 LSDs (12km to Busay, 17km to Liloan, 17km 3-bridges run)
  • at least 3 times a week jog, at least 5km every jog
  • Ungo runs 
  • investment on some running gadgets (shoes, garmin – office support, warmers)
  • training for the Kawasan Falls Marathon, running the 21k event, my first marathon!:) 


This is a start at least, little improvements here and there, and I hope this will get more serious.:)

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  1. @rose apil rose! ideal au ang 4am to around 7am, di pa init and di pa sad au abog…^_^

    @joseph pressure!haha

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