Execution is Better than Idea


First post!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately what this blog’s theme should be. There are so many things to write about, but I’ve read somewhere that you also need to have a focus, so that your readers will know what your site is about. 

But then this thought kinda stick to me, ‘Execution is better than Idea’. So I decided to just start this blog, and see whatever comes out of it. 

Another thing, Im not really into blogging or writing. But during the past few months, I’ve attended several meetups and read books and watch TEDTalks and read blogs and things I’ve personally experienced. And they have been telling me lots of things and made me list some To-do’s, that up until now, still remain as things To-do.

Create an online identity, make your presence known in the virtual world. – From markjeee

Deliberate practice is the secret of the top-performers. Anything can be achieve with deliberate practice. The path is there, you just have to be willing and crazy enough to take the path which only the craziest but awesomest people have braved. – From Talent Is Overrated 

Be ready to take on oppprtunities. – From Outliers

Create opportunities! – From Rich Dad Poor Dad

These are few of the many nice things out there to discover. There are so many things to read and to learn and to do and to enjoy. And of course, to write about and to share.:)



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