El Nido it is! (Tour D)

So El Nido, my craziest vacation yet! We spent the whole week, Monday to Saturday (June 17-22, 2013) in Palawan. We left Cebu Monday, arrived in Puerto Prinsesa around lunch time, and travelled a 7-hour bus ride to El Nido in the afternoon. We originally planned to do tours A and C in El Nido, but the rain and wind made it impossible to do either tours, so we settled for tour D on Tuesday. Tour D would only go around Cadlao Island, the nearest island to El Nido Proper.

First stop is the Bukal Island, a small island on the southeast part of Cadlao Island. It is mostly limestones covered with trees hanging on its cracks.

Bukal Island

Among its inhabitants is a big bird that greeted us with a very loud bird-y sound when we arrived. This is also a very nice snorkeling spot, with lots of fishes and corals surrounding the island. We didn’t stay here for so long because we still have 4 destinations to visit.

Next stop is the Cadlao Lagoon. As we approached the entrance, the view of turquoise water ahead just kept me giggling with excitement. The water was so clear and calm, the forest on top of the gigantic limestones are so thick and green and healthy. It makes me feel so thankful to have this kind of nature around us.

In the entrance to the Cadlao lagoon. You could see the turquoise water behind us.

Inside the Cadlao Lagoon.

Aside from the thick forest, very clean water, gigantic limestones, a hut inside the lagoon(!), there were also fishes and corals in the entrance to the lagoon. We weren’t able to explore much though, there were a lot of Jewel damselfishes that kept chasing us every time we try to pass on their corals/area. Jewel fishes are territorial, and there were lots of adult size in the area. Big as we are, we kept avoiding them until we got tired swimming around.

Next stop is the Paradise Island. We spent quite some time in this island. The boatmen cooked our meal, the rain got stronger. My vivid memory of this island was standing on the shallow part of the sea trying to wear my mask and submerging my face to test the fit when I saw fishes swimming and encircling me. My reaction was, ‘Chill out friends! Let me wear my snorkel first!’ and I was just too excited to explore!

Best lunch ever!


Meet sergeant fish.

And friends.

Fourth stop is the Pasandigan Cove (not sure which of these two beaches is Pasandigan :D). The underwater life is also healthy in there.

Heaven beneath. :)

Next stop is Natnat beach, but we weren’t able to dock here due to big waves. The boatmen decided we just go back and spend the remaining hours in the first island we visited, the Bukal island. It was a good idea, because we couldn’t get enough of the underwater scene in Bukal island. Snorkel all you can! :D

Poop! :3


Platter. :|

I-forgot-the-name butterflyfish.

Orange-banded butterflyfish.

On our way from one island to the next, the rocks and limestones are just amazing. Also, I’ve never seen so much forest in my life compared to El Nido.

Tour D was worth it!


We were also able to do tours A and C on the succeeding days, but I’d be writing about it on a separate post. :D

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