Einsten : 24 years old

‘He was sitting in his study in front of a heap of papers covered with mathematical formulas,’ says one student who visited him a few years after his marriage. ‘Writing with his right hand and holding his younger son in his left, he kept replying to questions from his elder son Albert who was playing with his bricks. With the words, ‘Wait a minute, I’ve nearly finished,’ he gave me the children to look after a few moments and went on working.’

– Einstein : Life and Times, Ronald W. Clark

Few thoughts :

  • Such determination!
  • A patent officer in the day, a father and a husband at night, and only few quiet hours left to work on his theories and papers. He had been jobless a number of times, rejected by schools and universities as teaching staff because he was too arrogant, rejected by the swiss military because he has varicose veins and was too short. He only got into the patent office because one of his friends knew some ranking official in the office.
  • He never stopped challenging the classical physics and working on the scientific problems at that time.

My general thought while reading this book : he is not human! :3 But on the contrary, he is as normal as any average person. He might even be at a disadvantage during his time. But small as he is, miserable as he might have been, he became that person everybody who went to school knows.


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