I just finished reading ‘Negosyo – 50 Inspiring Entrepreneurial Stories’ by Joey Concepcion. I especially like the business lessons from Prof. Andy Ferreria at the end of each entrepreneurial stories. The following lessons are from entrepreneurial stories 26-50.

Not finding in the market what you want can be an opportunity.

Never rely on one customer only. Try to expand your customer base.

Have a clear view of where you want to go and have a road map.

The entrepreneurial spirit is willing to go through hardships for the purpose of learning.

Having a mentor is always a great boost to an entrepreneur. Mentors share themselves without fear.

The next one must be better than the last one.. make the last one obsolete.

Having a clear vision makes it easier to make choices.

The personal vision is the guiding start and source of passion.

The earlier personal vision and values are discovered, the better.

Negosyo website.

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