Applying deliberate practice

If you had read the book Talent Is Overrated by Geoff Colvin, you would probably remember the words deliberate practice. Those two words could probably summarize the whole book. 

  • What comprises deliberate practice?
    • design, high repetition, feedback
  • How deliberate practice is done, in different fields
    • music model, sports model, chess model
  • How will deliberate practice help you perform better than the average person in your field
    • high memory of their domain, see more with less

It also gave examples of how famous people applied deliberate practice, how it helped them excel in their own fields.

For one, there was writing. The design of the deliberate practice is to first, read good articles. Then try to express them in your own words. Do this in high repetition, like everyday or two or more times a day. Try to let others read it and then ask for their feedback. Then never stop improving. Increase knowledge of the domain you are writing about. 

As for me and this blog, Ill try to write an article as often as I could, if possible, every night(??). I could write on different topics. This would help me improve my vocabulary, my skill in composing sentences and paragraphs and putting them together to make up a substantiated article, expressing completely what I want to say. The most important skill that I would need to learn is bridging the gap between the readers and me. I need to learn how to compose an article that would effectively get across whatever I want to deliver to the readers. I could write about what I learn for that day, my frustrations, anything that made me smile or laugh. Im a sensitive person so I probably would write about other people also. I could write geeky stuff, programming stuff, what-I-think-is-fun stuff. Just about anything under the sun. The main goal is to practice writing, increase vocabulary and learn composition skills.:) And pollute the web?


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